About Robin Krill

Hi, welcome to my blog.  I am a wife and mother who started writing as a way to muddle through my thoughts.  I have a lot of opinions and I sometimes get a bit fired up about things (I blame the red hair). I teach English to junior high and high school students and currently get to work from home while my three daughters are young.  I had no idea that parenting would be so hard, but I also was not prepared for how much my heart would be stolen by my girls.  I believe in co-parenting and have a wonderful partner in my best friend and husband. I believe that love is all you need – people are meant to love one another, to think about others. This blog is a place for me to share my opinions, my joys and my challenges and a place for me to process through this life I have been given. I am constantly learning, growing and changing.

If you are interested in more about me, you can check out this post.