I’m not a fashion blogger. I’m probably not even a very stylish person, but for whatever reason when I turned 32 I had a little bit of a life crisis and during that time I started paying attention to fashion a little more. Even though I am a stay-at-home mom full time for the first time in my life, I want to feel good about my health and my body. I don’t want to live in sweats (not that it’s bad if you love sweats, but I’ve noticed its easier for me to feel “blue” if I don’t feel somewhat put together). So, my wonderful (and fashionable) BFF Nicole came over and I tried on every article of clothing I have. She told me yay or nay and I ended up with a giant bag of clothes to donate. Next, I went shopping! My mom, who spoils me even at age 32, bought me some new clothes and my husband, who loves me no matter what I wear, got me some stuff too. It’s been really fun to reconstruct my wardrobe and style. And it’s helped with my little life crisis (I’ve also organized weekly cleaning, chores and daily meals as well as began the deceptively delicious cooking for our family).

I also signed up for Stich Fix which is a really fun way to get help without having to leave home.  Let me be honest, shopping is not easy for me at all.  I usually have very limited time before one child starts to melt down so don’t really get to see if I like clothes or not.  Stich Fix assigns you a personal shopper and after filling out a fun (and for me, very enlightening) survey they send you 5 items.  I chose not to get jewelry and I did not ask for dresses.  I determined that my style is casual with a tiny bit of classic thrown in. I was nervous about the sizing, but was so pleased when I got my items and they all fit perfectly!  How is it that I spend 45 minutes trying on clothes and cannot find one thing that fits right and my stylist has never met or seen me and she finds me 5 things that fit perfect?!?

So, here are my 5 things.  First was a navy color blouse and while initially I thought “no way” I ended up really liking it.  I don’t own a blouse.  It’s not my style and I was really hesitant about the design on it.  I thought it looked a bit old lady-ish. Nicole, who came over as soon as I got my box, agreed, but when I put it on it fit really well and was super comfortable.  When Jim saw it he really loved it and pushed me to get it and try something new for me.


Next, was a diagonal striped sweatshirt.  I love that this is basically a hoodie, but just done a little different so it adds a different feel to a very relaxed style.  Apparently it is also slimming in the mid section!!


I love scarves and living in Portland I wear one often.  Last year I was very into the big chunky scarves, but this Fall I’ve gotten into the lighter look.  I also am obsessed with infinity scarves.  This nude colored scarf is so soft and not too bulky, yet super warm!  Loved it so much.


When I saw this top I was so excited.  It’s totally my style – loose and baggy, but still cute!  It fits awesome and is super soft.  I also love the dark green as I don’t have any of that in my closet.


Finally was the item I was waiting for.  I hate shopping for jeans.  I truly never find anything that fits and I have two pairs of jeans that I actually like and a few others that I wear because I need to, but I do not like them.  These skinny jeans are very comfortable and just the right size.  That blew my mind because really I try jeans on all the time and never find anything that fits right.  My stylist nailed it on the first attempt and I’ve already worn these jeans twice!


Ok, dorky self shot in the mirror with terrible lighting and not knowing what to do with my face, but here I am in the jeans, green top and scarf with my black boots.  I was so comfy.


I enjoyed my experience with Stitch Fix and will definitely do it again in the future.  If anyone is interested in trying it out, the cost is minimal and you are not obligated to do it more than once if you decided it wasn’t for you.  Here is a link you can use:

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  1. Look at you hot lady!!! Love it!

  2. Sarah Webber says:

    Okay, you are so cute. The funny thing is that I always think you have such a stylish style! I can’t believe that you don’t think you’re stylish:)

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