I’ve had an interesting time transitioning to my role as a full time stay at home parent.  I’ve always worked at least part time, but after Olivia was born I left my job managing a tutoring company.  I decided to teach an online class and I am not really sure why.  It added more stress to my daily life and I honestly don’t think it was the best decision.  It’s hard though because I love teaching.  I truly believe that education has the ability to transform a person.  I believe that my role as a teacher goes well beyond just teaching reading and writing, but it is in my role as a teacher that I am able to mentor adolescents; to help them find their path in life, to help them discover their passions.

Through some amazing opportunities in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Kenya I have grown to really value the experience of a culture other than my own.  I want so badly for my kids to grow up serving in other countries – I do not want them to ever think that their life is the norm.  For much of the world, living in a nice home with two cars, a closet full of clothes and more food than they could even consume, is not the norm.  I want my kids to know that.  I want my kids to see that.  I want my kids to help those who are like them, but so different.  We are all humans, created and loved equally (don’t even get me started on how much I dislike the phrase “God Bless America”) and it is important that in the same way I work to provide the best for my three girls, I also work to provide the best for others.

These passion and convictions of mine are exactly why I am so excited about KUZA program.  Their motto is “Transformation Through Education”.  They provide scholarships to put kids in top schools to help break the cycle of poverty.  Their goal is to “release empowered and equipped young people back into their communities to affect change”.  They not only provide funds for schooling, but they provide emotional support and leadership training.  I love all of this.  It combines my love for education for young people (yes, I love education for kids too, but my passion is adolescents) and my love for developing nations and my passion to end poverty.

I share all of this because I am excited, but also in case any of you are looking for a way to give back – to make a difference in Uganda.  KUZA is always looking for more sponsors and a small team is actually headed to Uganda next week to visit the students.  My kids had a blast drawing pictures for the young man we get to sponsor.  We have had great conversations about him, his life, our lives, and why we are participating in this journey with him.  I am excited to see how I can further help KUZA and I would love to have some friends join me in helping to transform Uganda through this program.  Go check them out.  Sign up to sponsor a student.  Julius, pictured below, still needs a sponsor!!  Look at that face – help a brother out.


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  1. Robin I love this post! I went with the latest KUZA team over there as a photographer and became Julius’ sponsor…and met him. Can’t wait to tell you all about him :)

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