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I know it’s been awhile since I posted and it’s not that I don’t think of things to blog about, but sometimes it’s hard to sit down and actually write.  It’s been especially hard since we’ve been in the middle of a big move.  Not only the logistics of moving (packing, unpacking, purging), but all the emotions that go along with such a move have left me feeling like I needed a break from blogging.  I guess I didn’t want to process through everything so openly yet.

But, here I am.  I am good.  Really good.  We are back in Portland, OR and it feels like we are home.  It’s hard for me to put into words how that “home” feeling feels, but it feels good.  It feels natural.  It feels like we can settle and put down roots.  It feels like this new chapter for us is exactly the right chapter to be writing.  Jim has started a new full time job with a really great company.  I am staying home full time for now and as the girls get older I get to take them to a variety of activities that  excite and challenge them.  It’s been really neat to see their excitement and flexibility with our move.  I am constantly impressed with how they can go with the flow so well and how they never complain about all the changes.  I have so much to learn from my kids. I have decided that I will not teach this Fall.  I have been teaching an online class, but the break this summer has shown me that I need to and want to focus all my energy on the kids and helping them transition to new schools this Fall. I don’t want the extra stress of needing to grade papers and provide feedback to my students.  While there is still a big part of me that looks forward to that stress in the future, I think it is still another year or two away.  However, I do miss teaching reading and writing.  I love teaching and I love teenagers and I do miss it a lot.  But I know that this is not the right time. Not yet.

I am excited to sub and help out at Maya’s preschool and I am thrilled to support Amalea’s  year in first grade.  I am ecstatic about the time I will get with Olivia to help her continue to thrive (for those of you curious, she is a very happy little girl – we have come such a long way from the days of screaming and crying all day).  I have a lot to work on as a mother; being more patient, yelling less, letting things go, playing more with them.  I am looking forward to focusing on my parenting and not having the stress of teaching get in the way.

For those of you that know me well, you are wondering how I am going to not have an outlet.  Well, of course I will have an outlet!!!  I am super excited about the KUZA program I got connected with that works to provide quality higher education to young leaders in Uganda.  I will blog more about that in the next few days.  I also have the opportunity to return to wedding coordinating with Champagne Wedding Coordination and I am looking forward to that fun outlet on the weekends here and there.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us in our move. Friends and family from Santa Cruz and Portland have been so wonderful and we are incredibly thankful for all the love!

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  1. dominique says:

    Robin! Back in Pdx? Wow! So excited for you! I know this will be an awesome season for you guys.

    What neighborhood are you guys in for now?

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